Patient Story: Olivia

Donor support helps with the purchase of specialized medical equipment, such as infusion devices, to ensure that patients receive the best care. Something
Olivia and her family relied on in an emergency situation.

Olivia was born happy and healthy, but at just two months old, sudden and rapid signs of illness occurred. She was rushed to the Emergency Department at HSN with acute symptoms of anemia and was jaundiced, pale, and barely responsive. What followed, were numerous tests and assessments to ensure the safety and health of Olivia. It was determined that Olivia’s hemoglobin levels were life-threateningly low. On the evening of their arrival, Olivia was intubated in the Emergency Department overnight and transferred to the NICU for one week.

The nurses and pediatricians worked tirelessly to bring Olivia’s hemoglobin levels back to normal levels, and several blood transfusions later, she bounced back. However, not with ease. It was then discovered that Olivia had an extremely rare genetic disorder called Diamond Blackfan-Anemia, a condition in which the bone marrow malfunctions and fails to make enough red blood cells.

Olivia’s mother truly believes that she would have lost her daughter if it weren’t for Olivia’s care team, which consisted of doctors, nurses, and staff across many HSN departments including emergency, intensive care unit, and pediatrics. Grateful for the fantastic team of medical staff at HSN, Olivia’s family feels fortunate to live in a community with such great access to specialized care and the latest in medical equipment. Today, Olivia is happy and healthy, but she and her mother continue to visit HSN monthly for blood transfusions and check-ups due to her immunosuppression.

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