The HSN 50/50 Cash Lottery is making a BIG IMPACT on patient care at Health Sciences North (HSN)

*figures as of March 31 2023


The HSN 50/50 is making a HUGE difference in how we deliver healthcare throughout Northeastern Ontario now and into the future.

The lottery has sold over $37.2 million in total ticket sales since its inception in 2020 with $18.6 million (50% of the total) having been awarded to lucky winners across Northeastern Ontario and beyond. Click here for a full list of HSN 50/50 winners.

A tremendous $13.4 million Supporting Patient Care, Research and Future Investments to Make HSN a Better Hospital

After lottery operating expenses, a tremendous $13.4 million goes directly to supporting patient care, research, and future investments to make HSN exceptional – here’s how the funds have been allocated:

  • $5 million to support patient care at Health Sciences North including; support specialized equipment purchases, research initiatives to advance care, and services
  • $2.7 million committed to, earmarked, and held in a restricted fund for future needs to support capital renovation projects to enhance pediatric care, mental health programs and services and acute patient care.
  • $1.5 million in future investments to ensure pediatric patients receive the best possible care, closer to home
  • $1.7 million in future investments to ensure cancer patients have access to life-changing, quality care at the Shirley and Jim Fielding Northeast Cancer Centre
  • $2.5 million in future investments to support the highest priority needs of Health Sciences North to ensure patients across Northeastern Ontario receive the care they need and deserve right here in our community

A closer look at the breakdown of total ticket sales to net proceeds:

  • $37.2 million in total ticket sales with:
    • $18.6 million (50% of total) awarded to winners
    • $18.6 million (50% of total) raised before direct costs of $5.2 million (10% on fixed costs to host and operate the lottery and 5% on marketing-related costs to grow the program) = $13.4 million net going towards supporting patient care at HSN and HSNRI

Please note: that the lottery license agreement, as stipulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, does not provide for any of the net proceeds generated to be spent on salaries or administrative allocations. No money generated by the Lottery pays for administrative wages.

The amounts disbursed to HSN and HSNRI can only be spent on capital expansion and redevelopment, equipment and research as stipulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

  • 50% goes to the 50/50 jackpot winner
  • 15% goes towards expenses to successfully host the 50/50 lottery
    • 10% are fixed costs, which include: lottery service (service which generates tickets, manages the website, and provides access to the draw software and customer service platform), payment processing and bank fees and early bird prizes
    • 5% are marketing-related costs to grow the program and ensure the program continues to operate as a successful initiative
  • 35% goes back to Health Sciences North to support the highest priority needs including future capital renovation projects.

Investing in Future Healthcare Needs

We know that HSN was built too small. What is exciting about the HSN 50/50 is that, to date, $2.7 million of the funds raised through the lottery have been allocated to support future capital renovation projects to help build a stronger healthcare system – benefiting some of our most vulnerable populations such as seniors, children, and those struggling with mental health and addiction challenges.

Every ticket purchased helps fund vital equipment for specialized surgeries and procedures, enhance care for our tiniest patients, enhancements to treatment areas that support patients in the best possible and funding impressive cancer research to improve patient outcomes in the future.    

Thanks to your support, HSN has been able to purchase much-needed equipment including:

  • Breast vacuum biopsy system for breast screening and assessment service
  • Two infant incubators for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Fleet of defibrillators for the Emergency Department and other critical areas
  • Two colonoscopes for use in Endoscopy & Minor Procedures
  • Two Drager Jaundice Meters to streamline screening practices for NEO Kids Program
  • Two Exera Video Processors and Lightsources for the Shirley and Jim Fielding Northeast Cancer Centre to allow head and neck cancer surgeons to more accurately evaluate the effects of cancer treatment.
  • Six dialysis chairs for the Nephrology department
  • A second “Hana” surgical table that is designed for use in the anterior hip replacement procedure
  • New laser for the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgical team used to perform the stapedotomy procedure on patients with an inherited condition called otosclerosis, which causes deafness
  • 10 “Nara” bassinets used to help keep newborn babies safe and designed to improve visibility and interaction from the bedside
  • An O-Arm which is a portable CT scanner that can be used within the operating room to get real time information
  • Spyglass Direct Visualization system for use in cholangioscopy, a procedure that identifies and addresses blockages in the liver and pancreas
  • Radiation Treatment bunker renovation to house an updated linear accelerator in the Shirley and Jim Fielding Northeast Cancer Centre
  • ECT unit to provide rapid, significant improvements in severe symptoms of several mental health conditions
  • Funding grants for the groundbreaking research of Health Sciences North Research Institute’s Tumour Biologist and Clinical Trials Researchers

We checked in with HSN staff members and patients to see how the HSN 50/50 is making an impact on them. You can view the videos here:

Marking Exceptional Patient Care Possible with HSN 50/50 Funds:

Your Dollars at Work – O-Arm:

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HSN 50/50 Cash Lottery — You win, we win. Don’t miss your chance!