Nurses hone their skills at Health Sciences North thanks to $250,000 RBC Foundation donation

Posted 7 May 2024 at 11:05am

As National Nursing Week kicks off, Health Sciences North Foundation receives a generous donation of $250,000 from RBC Foundation to enhance simulation training for nurses entering the workforce at Health Sciences North (HSN). This significant contribution will enable HSN to provide state-of-the-art simulation training to front-line nurses entering the workforce, ensuring they receive the best possible education and preparation for their vital roles in patient care.

Education plays a crucial role in the post-pandemic nursing workforce, serving not only as the foundation of high-quality patient care but also as a key element in adapting to the evolving landscape of healthcare. Enhanced education programs equip nurses with critical thinking skills and up-to-date clinical knowledge, enabling them to manage complex situations, innovate delivery of care and implement required health interventions. Investing in nursing education is even more critical to our novice nurses who had a portion of their education during a pandemic.

“We recognize that nurses are essential to the healthcare system, and it is incredibly important that they are not only knowledgeable, but have the hands-on experience to navigate tough situations efficiently and confidently. We are proud to support the innovative training happening at Health Sciences North, and empower this generation of nurses starting their careers in Northern Ontario,” said Scott Simon, RBC Regional Vice President.

The funding provided by RBC Foundation will extend to two programs at HSN; Novice Nurse Workshops and the SIM-2-You program. The Novice Nurse Workshops will bring both novice and experienced nurses together to focus on reviewing clinical practices through practicing hands-on procedural skills as well as non-technical skills such as decision-making and situational awareness. The Sim-2-You program is planned to start in the fall of 2024 and will bring simulation equipment to clinical units across the hospital to allow for simulation training in unit-specific environments and scenarios. Both these programs are designed by HSN’s Professional Practice team in conjunction with the Simulation Lab to help increase patient and staff safety on units, provide confidence and skills for new nurses, and promote a continuous learning environment at HSN.

Simulation training plays a crucial role in allowing nurses to practice and refine their techniques in a safe and controlled environment. By supporting simulation training for our novice nurses, RBC Foundation is helping expedite learning, close experience gaps and ultimately improve the patient experience in our community,” says Julie Trpkovski, Vice-President, Medicine and Chief Nursing Executive at HSN.

The first initial phase of this new project will be directed to the over 200 novice nurses in their first and second year at HSN. Following this, close to 1,700 nurses, including those working at HSN satellite sites, will benefit from the program over the first three years. The success of the program will lead to plans for expansion to 22 community hospital partners across Northeastern Ontario. These programs ultimately strengthen our nurse workforce leading to improved patient outcomes and a more resilient healthcare system.

“We are incredibly grateful to RBC Foundation for this generous donation and for the support that RBC has provided to HSN over the years,” said Anthony Keating, President of the Foundations at HSN. “So many elements come together to make a positive patient experience. Our spaces, our technology, but most importantly the people. This donation will make an incredible impact to ensure the delivery of exceptional care for patients throughout Northeastern Ontario.”

RBC has played a role in enhancing care at HSN throughout the years through various contributions by the RBC Foundation as well as the local RBC Wealth Management group. Contributions include event sponsorships, monetary donations, and supporting equipment-funding campaigns. This most recent gift brings RBC’s cumulative giving to a total of $541,500. This incredible amount has touched all areas of HSN including cancer care and pediatric care and has made a tremendous impact for patients across Northeastern Ontario.

The gift is part of the RBC Foundation’s overall $6 million commitment this year for reskilling, upskilling and improving the resiliency of nurses and health-care workers at Canadian hospitals across the country. Thanks to the generosity of partners like RBC Foundation, HSN can continue to provide innovative and high-quality training opportunities for nurses, which in turn benefit patients and families across Northeastern Ontario.

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