Patient Story: Meet Andrew

Andrew was born July of 2016, 6 weeks premature. He had numerous difficulties while in utero and was closely monitored until the decision was made to induce early labor. NICU nurses were present at his birth and Dr. Murray was on hand to assist in his immediate care. Andrew stayed in the NICU at Health Sciences North for the first four weeks of his life until he was strong enough to come home. Andrew is now 18 months and loves to play with his brothers and dance to the wiggles.

“I was thankful that Andrew was under the care of NEO Kids in the early stages of his life. Andrew is my youngest child and has two brothers at home. It was comforting for me to know that I was able to travel between the hospital and home to be with my other two children who are three and five years old. Dr. Breau was the pediatrician in charge of Andrew’s follow up care at NEO Kids, having access to a caring and empathic pediatrician in Sudbury brought ease to our minds and lives. With the growth of NEO Kids, hopefully all babies can be born close to home and families would be able to stay together”.

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