Patient Story: Meet Austin

When Austin first arrived at NEO Kids, his curious nature, curly hair, and big smile instantly captured the hearts of the staff on the pediatric unit.

Austin spent many weeks on the pediatric unit receiving the care he needed, by day and night. Since he was able to receive the care he needed in Sudbury, it allowed his family to maintain as much of a normal life as they could for Austin, his older sister, and their family.

With donations, NEO Kids was able to ensure that the best equipment was available to care for his needs. Austin also loved the toys, crafts, and activities he received to help encourage his playful imagination and to help pass the time while in treatment.

“When Austin was sick, it was a difficult time for all of us. As a parent, you never want to see your child in a hospital. It is a scary time, but you must be calm and collected for your child. We are grateful for the wonderful care Austin received at NEO Kids and are thankful to everyone that cared for him during this time”

Brittnie, Austin’s Mom
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