Patient Story: Travis

Travis delivering food and toys for patients and families in hospital over Christmas.

The Clarke family spent last Christmas at the NEO Kids and Family Program at Health Sciences North (HSN) receiving emergency care for their son, Travis, which inspired them to give back and help other families facing similar healthcare situations.

The day Christmas break officially started, Travis’ parents noticed his unusual behaviour. Instead of the playful kid they know him as, he seemed very tired and had the onset of a fever. Later that night, Travis’ fever worsened and he was having some difficulties moving his right arm. The following morning, he had a lump on his chest, was unable to move his arm, and he was having trouble walking. Worried about what might be happening to their son, his parents brought him into the Emergency Department at HSN, which started their several week healthcare journey.

Travis was diagnosed with a Septic Arthritic Sternoclavicular Joint and Cellulitis. He began treatment that included antibiotics, MRIs, ultrasounds, X-rays, and bloodwork. Understandably worried about their son, Travis’ parents were grateful to receive the care their son needed close to home.

“We live only a few minutes from the hospital and have lots of family in town, which made things a little easier,” said Daphne, Travis’ mom. “What was difficult was being in the hospital over the holidays, especially since our other two children were at home. We are grateful Travis was able to fully recover and for all the kindness we experienced from hospital staff, nurses and physicians. It was overall a very positive experience.”

Travis’ experience is what inspired his family to give back to the NEO Kids Foundation and help other families receiving care in the NEO Kids and Family Program. This year, they donated toys and food to staff and patients to make their journey a little bit better over the holidays.

Every donation to the NEO Kids Foundation helps children and families receive the care they need, right here closer to home. Your donation, of any amount, helps support the purchase of new equipment, funds programs and services, and invests in capital projects to enhance the healthcare needs for children in Northeastern Ontario.

Travis celebrating Christmas at HSN in December 2022.
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